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Just so everyone knows Yes I was muted Yes I said something out of anger I'm human and i don't need to be treat poorly by anyone for that many messages.... I want to let u know I Told Ninjas what i said and ask him to mute me I wanted to be held accountable just as anyone else weather it was my first time or not I said something i shouldn't have and I believe in the rules so in I asked him to mute me so that I would be held accountable for my accounts I'm sorry if my use of  a Swear world in WC chat offended anyone and i will make sure it never happens again Ty to Ninjas for Muting me u r a Great GM and Someone I look up to........
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As always u know what u want to say and u mean it and dont feel sorry please sometimes its best to keep calm but sometimes its better to breath and speak ur mind.

anyways ive seen most worse behavior for little things, if someone * i know for some its a sport * make jokes about life and death to a person who has few time left u have reason to speak ur mind foul language or not and consequences or not

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Glad to mute you? I don't know what im supposed to say  :P


Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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No worries ^^ its not the end of the world

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calm your tities, its just a game =P
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