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Hey, bro or other gms who take care of fashion stuff , will u add the last fashions from : http://www.ecatomb.net/fashion.php ? It will be realy nice... By the way can you make more times on a day fashion events ? :( I would love this stuff on the server since i hate pvp [ it make u to have enemies and loose some possible friends ... ]

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+1 i also wish they would had some more of the mounts from pwi or maybe make their own custom ones  8)
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Honestly, I think it would be a HUGE server-wide ordeal to host a fashion event. If you think about it 95% of epople wear fashion and "care" what they look like on here. Whether they resemble or mirror themselves or whether they just want to look cool is what we all aim for. Fashion events can and would be huge, it would be nice to see some going on with the gm(s) as the judges.