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Hi all, i have a question. Now atm i have a cleric of lvl 147 but i want a magic DD. I really like wizards or clerics but now im thinking about making a psychic. Why are there not mutch psychics on this server? Arent they good at this late game sever? Are they useless in tw on this server maybe? My question is: are psychics underrated or are they actually worse then wizards?

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There is far from a lack of psychics on this server. Everyday I see people asking "Sage or Demon Psy?" on WC. Just because you dont see them, doesn't mean they're not there. :)

I myself have a psychic. They're extremely OP to the point that certain limitations had to be made on their weapons, and removal of the ability to use PWI soulspheres to keep them from being worse. I face quite a few in TW as well. They're on par if not stronger DD than a wizard, but this also depends on if the person playing knows how to utilize the class.

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People prefer melee classes e.g. sins because they are much more op so they can lvl fast/get good items easily also pvp.
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