Epic Perfect World


Ur opinion about Tools to invite players

Tool 1 for invite players like facebook
7 (53.8%)
Tool 2 for invite players like Youtube
3 (23.1%)
Tool 3 for invite players like Msn
0 (0%)
Tool 4 for invite players like Mmo chat forums
2 (15.4%)
Tool 5 for invite players like ?? ur opinion please il change this after feedback
1 (7.7%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: July 30, 2012, 09:35 am

We need more Souls :)

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Hello Community how are u all after the last chaotic weeks? im not posting a large post just a simple one

I think we should have more souls for EPW i send messages at Facebook to old friends from PWI and PW Malaysia and hope some will react, if u know people who look for a solid server please take some time and Invite them.

Also anyone knows another good way to inv players to EPW tools like Facebook or Youtube perhaps?
i have thought of spammin PWI and servers like BD but that will get negative reactions i think...

Anyways Thank u for ur time reading and i hope this will get some more players cause EPW deserves it and it would be a nice Ty towards Agatio and his staff if we would have more players :)

I ad Vote for what u think would be a good way to invite, also if u have ideas please share Ty ^^
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T r i f o r c e

! vote for Facebook 1 for mmo chat :) its a start Ty

T r i f o r c e

So far 5 Votes Ty for ur time :) but still no feedback um il try and make a special facebook acount for MMO peeps maybe some will react oooh and is there someone with video skills and know how to make a campain vid for EPW

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interesting.. to bad i totally lack any kind of art skill
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No worries Sinz i dont know even know where to start with a vid ^^ i was thinkin the vid should be a co op of the EPW community if we all have a idea and some do have vid skills we could make a video for what this server stands for

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I go to other servers and post in thier world chat especially when thier GM's have jacked something up and have thier population ready to bail out anyway.... Just simple post like recruiting for a Guild... Unfortunatly longest I have been able to last is 20 telecoustics before perma mute/ban but I know of several that made the change from the post that put he seed in their head that there is a better place to be than where they are at.

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xD ur brave Theodin but i dont know if Aga would like it if we used other private servers to lure ppl here ^^ but Ty for feedback and ur effort at inviting peeps um maybe we could make a site that would be the first ppl would see like, www.PrivatePerfect.com ?

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"Maybe when the GM drama and rotation settles down I'll come back.  Most of my friends left a long time ago.

You don't need a huge outreach. What you need is stability, and a staff that doesn't have a "Do as I say and not as I do" mentality.
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Well as I last looked at voting most of my freinds and thier friends have stopped supporting a certain PW sight which I wont name but he initials are BD/FA... Bassically the name of Epic is getting out there and as long as we as a community continue to support each other players and Gm's alike the growth will come on it's own... Even #1 vendettas usual lvl of votes this early in the month have fallen off...Or is it that ours has just picked up that much more?

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T r i f o r c e

Agreed sometimes there is some rage in our community we arent perfect but this server is strong and loyal i hope we keep on growing in numbers and bonds :)

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I think Youtube is the best place for getting more ppl to join the server cause i think thei'll like more seeing the server than just hearing about it :P
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