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I was wrong, here's a sock.

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So I finally got around to finding an easy way to record this. So here ya go.


First video I've ever made, give me a break <3

Again, grats to the two winners of the heavyweight tourney. :3

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Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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What Ninjas said.  ;D
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Hahaha, awesome

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You forgot to swallow ;((

But still funny :D

&#65332; &#65362; &#65353; &#65350; &#65359; &#65362; &#65347; &#65349;

Would u like some patatoes with ur sock sir * nom nom * and whats for dessert ?

xD anyways respect for u sir Chum u kept ur word :)
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you are awesome. i have a new found respect for you now lol. and the expression after you shoved the sock in your mouth was hilarious
ROFL wow much respect to you!  Especially if it was a particularly cheesy sock >.<

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3