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Hanging up the Telecoustics

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Hey kids.

Anyway, long story short, should be offline now. I will log on occassionally just to world chat and see some friends, not everyone I met on this game will take my skype or facebook, so I will come back, don't worry =D

I'd like to give a shout out to some people who made Epic PW fantastic for me,
Grim, Glimmer, Lmfao_, Unwelcome, Dozenko, Tragedy, Ajdin, Labs, DemonDag, Monster and SlowPoke!
Coffee and Syri would be shouted out too if they ever red chatted my online-ness >.<

Agatio, you did alot of hard work on the server and you've always been easy to talk to, I hope you get the respect you deserve.

To everyone that disliked my telecoustic abuse, __I__. I never swore at someone, I never called anyone a rude name, I never commented about race, religion, ethnicity, family, etc. I was actually relatively nice, considering I burnt through 6000 telecoustics and no one reported me.

I'd like to make a personal apology to HappY, they will know why and whilst they won't be reluctant to comment (or maybe read this) at least I know I said sorry.

To everyone else that I don't know on this server, if you ever took the time to PM me, or GV with me, or joined my vent, you'd realize that other than being a Karaoke nutcase, I am actually kinda fun. Today Agatio sent me 300 gold from my own cash shopped donations and I gave all of it out to anyone who traded me. If you all want to spread the nice behavior, its always good to give a gift, so do it more guys. The server will survive without me, but at least I know I did a nice thing.

Now any goodbyes, we'll miss yous, or "get the fock out IzzyHal I always hated you" will be nice.
Apologies for the world chats, though I hope some of you found me entertaining D:

Bye new community, <3
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Aww take care Izzy, nice meeting you.

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I'd like to say I'm sad to see you go but omg I am gonna enjoy the peace and quiet without your waffle all over wc lol :D

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Take care with what ever you do. I do not know you, but I have seen you on the WC.

Have a good one.
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LMAO, was fun man, and out of all the things to make me read it....nude pictures? Have fun wereever you go.

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Milfy!! so mean with your sig! T.T *bites her* lol

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Awww yeah, comments like a Bawse. Cheers everyone =]

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Good luck with what ever you do Izzy .-.
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Offline tragedy

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D: I'm gonna miss my butt-monkey (Izzy). I'll just be forced to pester you on Skype and make my hubby stalk you. I'm sure you'll enjoy that very much. Take care, darlin', and don't cause too much trouble where you're going :3
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Izzy, we didn't talk much, and we didn't have to, but we could.

2-3 short conversations we had was enough to show me
that you are real, honest man and you deserve all respect.

You are right, this community will survive without you.
(And still be here if you one day can come back.)

But I would just be happier if you could stay.

Things change, yes, but this change came a bit too fast for me.
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Offline izzyhal

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Real Honest Man? Wow, you clearly didn't have many conversations with me D:

However, what is your game name, I can't seem to click from your forum name (SORRY!)
And thanks for the kind words, <3