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patch 28

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- added missing skill books to the bosses
- added 4 GS = 1 Pure GS trade service

Also, in future patch (not this yet!) leveling from level 140 to 150 will take around ~3 weeks.
G18 gear will be farmable in new dungeon - Lunar Glade.
Bosses will drop mats for regular g18 gear and in addition with each completed stage player will obtain Lunar Crystals.
Mats from bosses will be required to upgrade g17 armor to grade 18.
Lunar crystals will be required to upgrade demonic armor to grade 18.

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i cant update help me pls

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*claps hands* Can't wait till the g18 patch!!!!
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ok just today my cleitn updated to patch 29...umm didnt see a forum post so did i screw something up =D?

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I don't make new threads for every patch  :P