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Cubi: When we might expect to see it?

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Was just wondering when we might see the Cubi from donations and such to be applied to our accounts. Like.... The Cubi that's getting reissued due to the recent server roll back. I'm sure there's lots of others wondering also. Hence the reason i'm making a Forum Post.


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yea im wondering if i am even in the time frame to get the donated cubi because i donated.. guess im confused lol
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As I alreay said the server is overbooked with votes so It can take between 2 mins and several days for the Cubi to be sent to you.

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Gru i'm not referring to the Voting Cubi. I'm referring to the Cubi from Donations made during the past 10 days.

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Hello, I was resending the gold from donations today around 0 am server time.
Please re-log from account to check if the gold is there.
If anything is missing, please let me know on my email.