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I know u guys are busy and im sorry to complain... but when i last logged off last saterday.. i had 4 gold 7  silver 109m in my bag and around 200m in my bank... i log on today and i have been moved... im unsure if i have beenhacked or this is just a problem with the issues u guys have had. if u can please figure this out i would really appreciate it. i did work hard for that stuff and dont want to see it go to waste.. this sorta bums me out...  :'( to add to that i was 144 and also had atleast 110 epic coins i was svaing for my dragon gear... i atleast have my stuff i boiught from donating i beileve.. but just a bit bummed right now...
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Well its the whole server sorry Shewolf im going ingame now and check my acounts please chin up

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Database was corrupt. Aga tried to save it, but couldn't. We all lost last 10 days.

But during next 5 days we will get 15 gold per voting session instead of 50 silver.

And Aga said from now on backup will be done every day, so no more big losses.
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