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Hell Vs Heaven

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Two teams of 10 will be chosen.
One team consisting of Demon cultivation characters and the other team consisting of Sage Cultivation characters.
The best of five matches will be deemed the victor!

  • Registration is individual and via PMs. You will be told at the moment of registration as to which GM to PM.
  • Level 150's only.
  • Dragon Gear is the required minimum to be allowed to participate in the event.
  • You must PM with your class when you register.
  • First 10 people to PM will be chosen. However, only two (2x) of each class are chosen (i.e. 2x archers max per team). If there are two (2x) chosen/PM before you, you will not be selected.
  • Please do not leave the arena once you are ported. If you leave without permission, you will be replaced.
  • This event isn't scheduled. Can be held any time at the GMs discretion.

  • Stealth 8 seconds maximum. Any longer results in the individual's disqualification from the round.
  • Blessings, all immune pots, Blinking Poultice, Iron Ridgeknife, Brew of Morai are allowed.
  • Chocolates are NOT allowed.
  • Rules may or may not differ depending on the GM hosting the event.


Epic Coins x 200
    Supply Tokens x 120
Event Token x 2
    Perfect Element x 4

Runners Up:
Epic Coins x 100
  Supply Tokens x 60
Event Token x 1
    Perfect Element x 2

If Hell side wins, they will receive the title [ Heaven Conqueror ]
If Heaven side wins, they will receive the title [ Hell got flowered ]
Title duration is 7 days.

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they are given to those who deserve them.
If you are receiving more bans than someone else,
maybe you are the problem, not us.

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Updated thread
Keep in mind that some GM's prefer hosting the event with max 1x Cleric/Mystic/Venomancer per side to keep things more balanced
The title [ Serial Killer ] can be obtained from this event!
The title [ Serial Healer ] can be obtained from this event!
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