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Offline Mayo

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Anyone know how long it should take to fix?
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And Counting.

Offline Jay

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Another hour or two I believe.

Offline Ninja

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Another hour or two I believe.

Please dont estimate without any actual figures.

The server will be up and running as soon as possible, from what i've seen Agatio is testing it now to see if its fixed.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

Offline SlowPokie

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No worries ninjas :) im just happy u guys giving tryin hard for us <3

And after server is back up u still owe me 1v1 event :((( for lvl 130-145 now <3 hehe

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Offline Maddie

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Been so long since I came here, hope it comes back online soon.  8)
when i try to log it says that version is to low, exit and update. what do i do about that?

Offline Maddie

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It says the same for me Gabriel, server is just having problems can just wait till the GM's fix it.  ;)