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Defend the GM.

it's an event we used to do in JD, the idea is simple. Requires 2 GM's who call all that want to participate to a certain area. These are Divided into 2 teams via each GM selecting 1 player at a time in turns (this enables the GM's to make teams as Balanced as possible) then each team is lead to a location (not too far apart from each other) and when all are ready each GM gives their co-ordinates in WC.

Idea is simple Each Team needs to split them selves into Defenders and Attackers, attackers move to the co-ords given by the opposing team and try to kill the GM while the defenders try to stop them so simple huh ?.

No because here come the rules ;

1.GM's must Have Same equips and HP to make it even.
2.NO skills are to be used on any GM only normal attack (if a GM takes dmg from a skill they can Heal themselves to 100%)
3.NO AOE with exception of Stuns that do not cause any dmg (see rule 2 for reasons why)
4.Players may use skills on each other in order achieve their goal (PK)
5.First team to kill the opposing GM is declared the winner (GM must announce they are dead in world chat the moment they die)

Rewards decided by GM team before rounds start,, reward is given to each member of the winning team.

The reason this is a great event is because it pulls in everyone even from opposing guilds to have some fun together and also it helps to teach players that may not be great at pvp how to use communication and co-ordination in PK making it better fun for all later in TW's organised pk etc etc but most of all because it's FUN FUN FUN !!

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+1 I like this idea a lot

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another event for WR. pro keep doing nth for magic classes.

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ummm I'm a cleric and actually bm's would have it hardest on this event, they would most likely be the attackers, meaning they couldn't use skills on the gm to kill it while the mag classes probably the defender could throw every skill they have to stop them. Not to mention the teams are picked by the GM's picking 1 individual in turn meaning multiple classes on each team, 1 team wins meaning all in that team. How's it a bm event
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I think it sounds like a great idea.


My response will be general, as I know you are not the only one who has voiced their feeling about the famous BM class. Truthfully, if people have such strong feeling about how the BM was developed by PW, then maybe people should send their concerns directly to PW Bejing or Perfect World International. Yes, private servers can altar a few things, but in the end nerfing only effects a small percentage. No one except PW can alter the hard coding, as they own the platform(engine) and rights to the game developments. It is senseless and not proper netiquette to constantly harp on the same subject in a negative light.

hugs and have a blessed day.....
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