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Post pictures of your characters. Whether they're sexy, cute, or an abomination, it doesn't matter.
Please refrain from posting too many at once though, and don't spam.
Keep rude and inappropriate comments to yourself.

I want to see all the beautiful people of EPW, don't disappoint me :c
And to get the thread started-

Quote from: Arashiwf
i remember the fashion

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And I have a mystic, but he basically looks exactly the same as my seeker, just more tan. I haven't gotten around to changing the pasty white skin of my seeker yet. D:
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Still waiting for the sock-eater.
Please, read the general forum & game rules here.
If you have any problem, feel free to PM me.


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That was my BM some weeks ago. But I changed the appearance.

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omg my mystic is so gorgeous D:
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some chars i made when i was bored ^^ they were # 11 12 and 14

lol i cant resize the file to post sowy ><
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My sexeh cleric.
I would post my Mystic but I can't do male Mystics.. >->

^Made by me! :P
Mhm. x'D

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  • theres no point talking to a wall!

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Beautiful people!! :D Everyone's soo pretty!

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