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Ste//a's Amazing Youtube Videos :D IMP <3

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sorry for the thing in the middle
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Moved to new forum section <3

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i remember the fashion

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Haha beat me to it :P

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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I'm jelly. Stella's avatar is 20% cooler than mine. D:

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  • is adorable. ❤
Awesome vids! Can't wait to see more ^_^

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  • I just came here to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked rn

omfgggg, I just saw that video a while ago, what a coincidence xDD
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Lol i tried to do something like that because i love anime but i totally failed lol.

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Enjoy This Knew Video C:


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My name Q.Q But amazing video :D @ <33 arion pokemon dubstep

IMFLUFFY- r8 demon barb
NOISIA- r8 sage psy
ABBADON- r8 demon bm
ASMODEUS- r8 sage seeker
Ascension- r8 sage sin
Krewella- r8 sage archer
ARKASIA- r8 demon veno
Realisation-r8 sage cleric
BreakNoise-r8 demon mystic