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Today i got scammed by MadWorld !! I made a video i hope he will get banned !!

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i counted he picked 13.
now if he didnt wanna share with you guys its another story.
scammer is when someone really steals all the drops and gives none to the rest of the party.
and since i see more people getting them aswell as Coins, i doubt it was a scam per se, im thinking more on a leaver, cuz he didnt want to share his part of the drops (13 is the normal per person that normally gets, around 9 and 14 i would say. but i have comments about people getting just 1 OLD and others getting 25 OLD.).
we will discuss it and let you know what will we do about this :)
Thanks for reporting it.
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NoNo i just said and to the video !!! The trade system wasnt full!! I kept witing with a lot of players and the half trade system dissappeard!!

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IT`s not a scam. Evil already explained, that scammers are those who run away with all the drop. Thye just leave party, get to begining and take all the drops.
And here, all squad members was at shrooms.

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imo you should close gv until you give the EC quest cuz if it keeps going people are gna refuse to wait at start and rush to spawn point (much faster) then when they get scammed or even if people dont wanna share they are going to complain and its gna make life harder for gms cuz they already got a load of shit on their ass.
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We were at spawning area and he left !! As leader of squad i told to my team all to turn back and take screenshots !!