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hi everyone

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hi my name is chanman20 and im just starting out on this sever nice to meet you all  :) i have played PWI lost city if anyone is from there hit me up in game would love to play with some people from there and i have also played pw rofta but its getting boring over there. So any tips for someone starting on here new  ???

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Hello and welcome to Epic Perfect World :)

we have lot of guides, useful for this server, you can find them here - http://epicpw.com/index.php?board=3.0

As you already noticed, we have GS stuff who always can answer to your questions and help to get out in game :)

Also most of players here are very nice and helpful to, they don`t bite if you ask help :)

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Just enjoy game and dont flame for PKers who gonna PK  :P
And u always can ask Game Supports who is online about any information