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Rare Flight Token

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Not sure if this is right spot so forgive me if it isnt. I was wondering about the Rare Flight Tokens. I was under the impression that there was nothing exclusive to donators, that everything can be obtained from farming or events. However, I have only seen the Rare Flight Token available only in the Boutique for 15 gold. I'm just wondering if there are other ways to obtain this or future plans to make it available in the Event Shop for Epic Coins.

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lol... that available at Epic PW Donation Helper ( if not wrong ) and check one per one...

Offline LongBlue

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No, those are the flyers that you exchange the token for. there are 2 types of tokens

+Flight Token - allows you to get a flyer with speed of 9.0/11.5 from the Epic PW Donations Helpers
+Rare Flight Token - allows you to get a rare flyer with speed of 10.5/13.0 from the Epic PW Donations Helpers

You can buy both of those from the Boutique with gold you get from donating (Flight Token 6gold, Rare Flight Token 15gold). However, only the Flight Token is available in the Event Items for 30 Epic Coins.

I'm just curious as to how else to get the Rare Flight Token other then the Boutique, thats all.

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I wasn't planing to add it but since you are asking, it can be done but I can see people already complaining about too high price :P

Offline LongBlue

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Lol I noticed that as well but it is a "Rare" Flight Token, right? Nothing like a little sacrifice to please the soul :D