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Donations are up.

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You can access donation page here: http://epicpw.com/panel/donate.php

At the moment only PayPal is accepted, I will be working on adding other payment methods from now.

To clear up. Everyone knows already that g18 gear along with level 150 cap is going to be added. I wanted to ensure you that the donation you spend now will not be wasted if you use it on Demonic Gear.

Just like for level 140, level 150 will have two sets of gear too.

Recasted g17, farmed in new Dungeon and  Recasted Demonic Armour.
Crafting g18 normal and demonic will require previous, g17 set of gear.

With current Demonic gear you will be able to upgrade your armor and weapon relatively cheap.
The Recasted Demonic gear will be possible to be farmed from game too, just like current Demonic Gear, but it will take longer time and will probably involve Epic Coins again.

I will also work on adding new ways of gaining Epic Coins.
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Would like to speak to you about the donation process. I am afk right now in game but can be reached offline.

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Someone is grave digging the forums o.O' lmao. wow.

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Your almost a year late on reply ;p

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good idea about more ways to get epic coins.. some people arent able to donate to games online so it makes it harder and longer for us to get end game stuff :)  tyvm Aga  :P :D :-\