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Yet another (missing)hair fash thread.

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Since it felt kind silly to write in the old one, not to mention it's not only hair missing. Whoah, talk about bad hairday.

1) The hairstyles for Savant's, Tough Leather and 2011 Carnival's missing. (Fash you recently added to the server. Thank you for that.)
2) PWI has released new sets (1 female and.. I think 2 males).
3) Ecatomb has released new sets. (not to mention other, old, sets on ecatomb, not released on pwi yet)

And yeah, fashion is probably on the bottom of your priority list, but anyway.. Pointing it out.

Have a nice day, and thank you for taking your time to read it (if you do.)

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we take in count any kind of bugs/errors etc even missing fashion :D
we will work on it for the descent update :D
but in ecatomb theres a lot of fashion that are not in pwi cuz its from private servers :D we will try to get them all ;)

thx again for pointing this out and help us improve ;)

PS: Fashion matters for some players ;D

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demure attendant fash <333 gotta have it.
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