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Two Custom Events

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Ok so im just gonna cut to the point

Number 1. Name as the event itself is called simply "4 corners".

It takes place in arena, right on the platform (square formed)

After the "last call" for people to attend the Gm surrounds the platform with  a big Wall so people can't

get in or out. There is no jumping or flying allowed here.

Okay after we prepared the zone and made the rules clear we can get started.

Everyone has 1 minute to choose and stay in a corner.  After the minute has passed, noone is allowed

to move away from the chosen corner. Now for the interesting part. The GM randomly summons a pile of bombs

or simply nukes a "Random" corner. After dying noone is allowed to return untill the event is over.  The one

minute countdown starts again and the same sequence continues untill 1 person remains alive and is awarded

as the winner of the Event.   Easy, Thrilling and Fun in my personal opinion of course.

Number 2. Aka known as "The Fashion Rush" (i just came up with that name lmao)

This event has multiple rounds according to the GM's decision.

A Topic is given for example: "Beach Party" or "Classy" ... "Pimp/Hooker" or any other inventions wich the GM

thinks at that moment. There is given a 5 minute time for everyone to get dressed acording to the current

Topic. If the time passes and ur not ready .. ur not allowed to attend to that round. The players acording to

their sex (male or female) make a paralel line facing each other at a few metters distance. After everyone is

ready the GM's preferably Male and Female walks around the competitors checking everyones chosen clothes.

After the judges take a minute to advise  there are 2 winners selected... 1 Male and 1 Female (or more

according to how many people attend the event). This event is known to be funny and inventive :D up to everyones creativity.


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I like them! "thumbs up"

I say.. Give it try (:

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Nice ideas, thanks for suggestion