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Goodbye <3

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For reasons unannounced, I will be resigning. Maybe one day I'll be back, maybe not.
I had good times with you all, and I wish you the best. I'll still be playing the game on Taku my Veno or Lemonade my Cleric.

If you ever need help, I'll always be here to try and supply it. I hope I did some justice for the server while in position.

Thank you all and happy gaming,


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i remember the fashion

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Bye Echo and I hope to see you back really soon <333

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Well this all could have been avoided. It sucks to see you quit as a GM , you were one of the good ones. But as long as you stay playing so I can peekay you and stoof , its all good. <3

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Good luck in your endeavors, hope to see you back soon..

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Good luck and enjoy, Echo. (:
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If you have any problem, feel free to PM me.


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Goodbye Echo <333

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cya echo. thanks for all, thanks for help us. i hope to see you back
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Goodbye Echo, sorry to see you leave :(  I wish you luck in your future endeavours

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3


aaws fck sowy to hear Echo, Thank u and take care please and hope u stay connected with EPW