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Archosaur assault

I was thinking about a new monthly or weekly event where you get changed into a random monster by talking to an NPC which will spawn when the event starts and teleport you to a random main city where you need to take out everything and everyone in Archosaur or any other main city. Guards and general summer will be awaiting you for a big battle. Guards will be all NPC's like the normal guards and the classes like Venomancer, cleric etc.

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Requires more work than carrying a milk truck from Los Angeles to Miami by 1 person on his own hands but +1

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In theory this would be a good event but then you think. This is not pwi, there would be so much q.q about the pk during the event and also the lag. This event was real fun back on pwi, but things are just to different here. I bet it would take a lot of work to try and make this event viable here on epw. But hey its a good idea something new to change things around is nice.

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Bumping because I like the idea

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I like this idea ^-^
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This sounds bad ass. +1 if it is possible to have here.

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