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People are Selling and Trading Reskins u can buy for 105k Coin from the npc in west arch for Reskins that are worth 1000 times that. or selling for EC when they are worth nothing.  Dont Let urself be had by scammers.

These are just two names i know that are scamming people.

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i'm wondering if there is a way to maybe change the color of the icons so that npc skins are white and boutique reskins are gold. so that there is less chance that someone can get scammed. someone always finds a way to scam the honest people.. shame on them.

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for the beautiful art!

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do name the skins and aga would look into it,they"ll have the icons/names changed


erm it's not hard to just check in boutique before u buy it. I already checked through the npc ones and ik which are free and which ain't.

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Good cause im sick of seeing people in WC and Shops selling NPC Skins for EC and Mass Amounts of coin. only scamming people who dont know.

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Just add ✩✩✩ for the original reskins and add ✩ for the ones u can buy for 105k coins.
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Ya i would like to see that last idea done so people like "Olok" dont scam people anymore.