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about archer build

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what stat (evasion,hp,def) should I increase if I'm archer ?

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If i'm not mistaken, archers should have dex as their main stat, since they're ranged attack and dex has to do with ranged attacks.

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since its a priavte server, you can go str for the gears + bow and then rest all in dex. but i would spare some points into vit aswell, i dunno...i remember the rule for PWI only lol 1 str 4 dex each level  :-[

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Get enough strength for your gears and put the rest to dex.


Enough strength to wear gear/weapon and ALL of the rest in dexterity. Don't add to magic or vitality. You will get enough vitality from shards and refining.

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but i would spare some points into vit aswell

I hope you trolling him  :shocked: