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i logged on the game to find that all the gear, mounts, flyers, supply and event tokens i'd saved were gone from all 4 of my lvl 150 toons...could you plz tell me what i need to do now. i've already changed my password on my acct. is there any way i can recover what i've lost? thank you so much for any help you can give me.

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An account shouldn't get hacked unless you've shared your information.
During your gameplay of Epic Perfect World, you agree that security of your account is YOUR responsibility, thus you are responsible for any actions which are done to or from your account. We have done everything to protect your account on our end. You also agree that giving out your login details will compromise the security of your account and you fully accept any consequences which may come of such. You are aware that in case of losing access to your account which was a result of giving out your login details, we will give you absolutely no support to help you recover your account or lost items.

I honestly don't think there is anyway to get your stuff back if you were truly hacked (I doubt it though, Epic PW isn't important enough for big time hackers xD).
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You cannot get any of your items back, as there is no evidence of them actually being there.
Also, things like this should be posted on the helpdesk.

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If you gave your pass out it's your fault. The game even has a auto saying not to give out passes.

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I asked you to post this in the helpdesk.

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i went to help desk and it posted here...i must have done something wrong :(