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My Old Love Poems

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I haven't done this in Ages  writing love poem cause after my gf who was deeply in love with > _ _ > the worse mistake I've ever done  broke my heart then I stoped writing love poems or any poems Ever Since I never picked up a pen or pencil to write another love poem loll So Here's the List of my poems i wrote ages ago I was  about uhm 15 or 16 x____x and Yes I was obessed with writing love poems x___x paste was loll Hope you like It loll i'm just gonna list only like 2 that's all I promise won't be a very long one i hope x___x


I'm sorry for making this post I thought I'd Share It but If it's to much problems gms can remove It if they don't like it ^^




Title: A Love Like No other



 I've never felt a love, like this before

It's a love like No other

Something I have always hoped for

A love  with friendship, Humour and heart,

A bond so strong, It would  never  apart


[shadow=red,left]Title:  Dreamers


A Lazy summer, cold winter Nights are always alright since I've got you to hold me tight

I've seen the sparkcles In your eyes. Whenever you smile and you bring me and everyone the pleasant dreams for whenever you smile my love



x____x sorry my english still horrible x___x but at least I managed some how to write them loll of course this are my old old once loll sadly I don't write no more

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I love poetry, wish I was talented enough to write them. Very nice work, would be nice to see more.  :normal-23:

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Here's Another one I found from my notebook


                                                                                              [shadow=red,left]  Title:  To The Girl I Love


From heaven above,
To the world below,
I give you my love,
For our eternal souls.

You are like an angel from above,
And I will do anything for your love.
I'll give you everything from my heart,
But don't worry that is just the start.

So I give your love,
And soon you'll see,
That no one can love you,
More than me.

So I say this to thee,
Will you be the one for me

I wrote this One for My GirlFriend Before she left me > _ > apprently I wasn't good enough for her slutty ass lol > _ < sorry


this one i wrote about In 2008 i believe Well Enjoy it loll this one of my Deepest emotional Poem I ever wrote lolll




heres a 2nd one loll i found as well


[shadow=red,left]Title:  my undying pain

 My life is unexplainable torn
down and the wounds will never heal.
Misled through life and fighting.
Wanting so badly to fall in love
but haunted by the words said
from all who I know.
Bruised from the sorrow and anxiety
a waisted life filled with endless
broken dreams and unheard words.
Exasperated and crying in such
agony with an emptiness that
will never go away.
Betrayed and suffocating by all this sadness.
Fear and animosity remaining in my thoughts
fumbling and broken screaming
take me away!!
Lost in this world not knowing what
to do as I get shut out.
Becoming restless, ashamed, and faithless
as loneliness consumes my world.
The undying pain, the deranged thoughts,
and the betrayal stay hidden in my eyes.
my sanity is defeated by hate as I'm
starring at the razor feeling like
letting go.
I'm falling apart pain is overruling and
my strength is drained, so I remain
at the dust of death


I apologies for them being so dam long loll x____x

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