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Which to get for PV?

The mighty hercules
9 (64.3%)
The blazing phoenix
2 (14.3%)
The bag of bones Derjan
3 (21.4%)

Total Members Voted: 11

First Veno pet

Offline Zuxtain

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Recently I have started to become very interested in playing as a veno. I know the basics of veno's and what not because the veno was the second account I made in PWI and I've made many other veno alts thereafter. But I was wondering what pet would be best for PV; the herc, nix or even derjan (heard it could tank like herc but with better attack)?
Many thanks in advance for the replies,

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The little birdy pet doesn't work in Pv :<.. it works in VoS though. But for Pv I'd say the herc. xD

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The custom pet here that takes event tokens the Astral Drake (lovely dragon), is the best, but any pet with the right skills are useful but honestly in pv the pets are useless.  Keeping the pets healed while attacking the mobs is very time consuming, unless you are  using the pet, on manual attack to help keep your chi up. Honestly the best way to do PV on a veno is with another class that has more aoe skills.

** edit adding this information.*** besides if you are trying to figure out which pet to get here they are all available at a NPC, no taming needed here, the skills are all available also the good ones.

Level 30 base

Offline Jeromey

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Hercules for early pv's for further levels 145-150 better off solo since pet dies to quickly.

Offline Naosu

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At the start I used Herc for PV. (bramble him, sent him in, let them hit him a few times, healed him, hit one, healed him, repeat lol) Later on I started using the Dejan bone one thing. Whatever it's name is xD
What am I even doing?

Offline Feone

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Don't use your pet for PV.

At least, if efficiency is what you are looking for.

The fastest way is to get your 79 skill Feral Concentration. 
Get Fortify on your genie.
Also get Absolute Domain on your genie.

Pull half the instance, (Everything up to and including the first giant room in the 145 + one, not quite sure how far along 1/2 is in the lower ones.)
If your mobs aren't gathered in a tight group run in a big circle to make them group.
Once you have a tight group of tons of mobs right behind you use fortify & hit feral concentration.
Use 1spark.
use noxious, use nova
wait a second for the CD.
use noxious again.

If there is still a significant amount of mobs at this point, follow up with AD & use noxious again.

That should kill them all.


Offline Zuxtain

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Thanks all for the reply. To clarify what the pet is for, it's for PV at the start since it''s pretty hard to find a 110+ group. So I want to use a pet to pull small groups for the time being and after I get all it's skills I'll just solo it without the pet :)

Thanks so much for the replies!