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PW Protector in windows start-up?

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Hello, just started a few weeks ago, coming from PWI that started to frustrate me. Never had any issues but since the last update i had all sorts of issues with the game closing unexpectedly when multiclienting....

Had those issues in PWI everytime they decided to update the server again and the pw-protector (in the past preventing multclienting) was installed once again. Once deleted from the files my issues dissapeared and i did not dc anymore.

Decided to check my windows task manager when the same problem started to occur in EPW - and yes: a PW-protector...... I deleted the file from my computer and EPW has not given me any more problems.

My question: maybe loose the PW-protector in next update? I can't imagine being the only one that has had issues with it...

Otherwise: great game - thank you staff!

(excuse my english, dutch is my native language)

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you can easily multi client if u simply start the game directly from the elementcleint.exe, located inside the elemt folde of your game.
i never had this pw protector problem using this method  :rolleyes:

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yup, thats the second client I start up, the first is the patcher.exe to make sure I have the latest updates.

Just deleting it from the EPW files works in my case - might help others that also run into the same issues.
The loosing it from the installfiles was meant to be just a suggestion.