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Hypocritical GMs again YAY

so today my wizzy AND my psy both got banned

so this is how it went down,

EvilTouch said Faggers on wc and i pmed him telling him to follow the rules that the GMs are being so anal about. he shruged it off saying that it wasnt aimed at anyone and was just a typo. he then came to west and me and him started insulting one another, we both called each other stupid and i insulted him mother and he then banned me for 2871 mins. now i admit im not innocent here but im not the only one guilty yet im the only one suffering any kind of punishment and as many people that were there pointed out this should of been a mute or an hour ban at most but he banned me for 2-3 days (haven't done the math to see how long it is yet).

well i then logged on my psy came back and once again said he was an idiot to which he then banned my psy's account for 2848 mins. now this one should have been a mute at most but instead he gave me a multiple day ban (lolwut?)

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i wouldnt lie so much everytime i make a topic to screw someone :/ ijs
do not lie so much to act superior;
post screenshots of where i called you stupid;
i didnt ban your psy, i muted him and while i was mutting u insulted my mother, again;
do not lie so much;

and no im not posting screenshots here cuz i aint a drama queen ;)

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2. DO NOT question a staff members action at anytime whatsoever no matter how much you feel they are wrong. If you have problems with a staff member DO NOT post it on the forums or complain about it in world chat or normal chat. If you cannot settle the matter in whisper to said gm then by all means send ALL COMPLAINTS against the Staff Member to the admin, Agatio and Thanatos, either on the forums or by email. Make sure to include screenshots of the offenses or the message will be trashed plain and simple.

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