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Texture Problems

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When I log into EPW, the ground is pitch black, everyones eyes are pitch black, and certain classes LIPS are pitch black, I do not know why this is happening, but I know its something to do with the texture, I have asked several GM's and they have told me to "Verify" both "Patch 1" and "Patch2"... I have tried this however the problem is still here, its been like this since I downloaded ( about 8-9 days ago ) Please help me Agatio!

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bandr  :sad:
What i can suggest u is pm Agatio on your own.
He'll prolly know more than the people that are playing this game.

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Offline Agatio

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Does other PW clients work fine for you? If no or you don't know, then try updating your graphic card drivers. 
If it doesn't help, delete EPW client and install it again.