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Veno Pet Leveling Guide

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Recently, a player asked where to level a new pet quickly. Based on responses ranging from Sirrry Wine Camp to Morai, I thought it appropriate to provide a guide; it will be short because rapid pet leveling has been provided for us on EPW.

Locate the Grudging Soldiers, in Shining Tide, vicinity 595 810.

These mobs have been reconfigured from those on PWI -- they will give your pets ten levels with each kill. As such, it's possible to elevate a pet from level-1 to 150 in under five minutes.

There, this may be the shortest of all guides  :D

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Lol yes i'd say its definitely one of the most short I've ever seen! Thank you :)

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Buy 1 Feral Soul Star, summon your pet, click "Feed". Your pet 150 lvl now.