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We're an unusual guild -- founded by a grandmother-granddaughter team. I'm OLD, she's young, and we're not afraid to admit we're carebears  :P

If you're looking for a super friendly, safe, polite, and helpful guild, we just might be your home on EPW. And, yes, we do have a faction base.

All levels and classes are welcome! In-game, contact Absinda or Solitaira for an invite.

Cheers, Abbie
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Welcome to EPW! Good-luck with your guild.

Btw, there is only one server for everyone to play on. The Epic1/2 are both the same server, the reason they're like that is to split the load of players to decrease lag and the sort.

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Thank you so much, Caffeine -- for the welcome and the clarification!

In truth, I'm not so new to EPW; I played here some time back, but life interrupted as it is want to do  ;) My granddaughter and I were looking for a nice, laid-back faction and she put the bug in my ear to start our own; so, here we are.

Again, thank you for your welcome message.

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I love when family plays together.  I wish I was able to talk my mom, let alone my grandparents, into playing. 

Good luck!

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Thank you so much, Mikau! We've played PWI together for a couple of years, but we agree EPW is far superior, both in terms of community and server administration.


grandmother-granddaughter? o rly? hope its true cuz it sounds awesome!

oh if my grandmother played, she probably wouldn't let me wear short skirts and high heels

good luck with your faction

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Thank you, Sybil  ^-^ And, oh my, it's definitely true.