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Help on genie style for a Veno


Doing my friend a favor, she doesn't use the forums she just got her R8 done and has been wondering the type of genie to be used as a Veno if sage or demon matter would love to her the advice to help her out i'm more of a seeker type and figure I ask the communities view on this, must appreciated.

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I havent used a veno in a while but...Fortify, Extreme Poison, Absolute Domain, Belief, Expel, Will Surge, Cloud Eruption/Chi Siphon (since she can debuff siphon's buff, it's probably a better choice), Holy Path

Edit: Vit/Mag genie, 100 points in mag, rest in vit
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I use a Dex genie build (100dex, 50mag, rest in vit on a Discipline + the stat boost items). AD, Holy Path, Extreme Poison, Expel, ToP, Badge of Courage, Will Surge and Belief. If you go Demon on a veno, you don't need fortify on your genie because Demon Summer Sprint has a 6 second anti-stun effect and is up every minute. Sage venos have an easier time gaining chi + a longer stun/aoe purge/stronger amp but they lose out on the amp that Demon Nova gives. What I would say is for cultivation purposes, look up the skill effects and see which one your friend likes better. Both are good choices (although the majority of venomancers go demon).
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