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Drama Love 4


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Alexa didn't stop crying until midnight, when she stopped crying, she fell asleep. She had a nightmare and woke up crying and ran to Alex's room.
"What's wrong?"
"A nightmare... about dad...." she answered, crying.
Alex hugged her tightly and put her back into bed. He went back to his room and fell asleep.
The next morning Kaylie was sick and didn't come to school. Alexa sat down, on the verge of crying, opened her book and started reading.
Alexa recognized that voice and shivered a bit. It was Jessica. Jessica had short blonde hair and green eyes, she was slim and tall, full of make-up. Jessica looked around looking for Alexa, once she took a notice of her she walked there and pushed her book in her face just as Noah walked in. He saw that and got surprised. Alexa's glasses broke and got a few scars of her glasses. Noah walked up to her.
"Are you ok?"
Alexa didn't respond, she kept silent and looking away, annoyed. Noah glared at Jessica.
"What did you do that for?" He asked.
"Because, she's way prettier then I will ever be if she would wear make-up and not use those ugly glasses and those braids. She doesn't take advantage of it!"
Then Jessica looked for Alexa but she left without a notice. Alexa went to the infirmary. When she came back her face was full of plasters. Everyone looked at her, worried but they ignored her. It was dangerous. She sat down and Noah looked at her worried, he wanted to give her a hug.
At lunch Jessica stole Alexa's lunch and ate it.
"Nice lunch, who made it? Your mom?"
Alexa ignored her and continued reading her book. Noah put a piece of bread in front of her face and she stared at him.
"Eat it, I'll speak to her later."
"No thanks... You'll just get in trouble, just ignore me, don't feel any pity and just keep doing what you do."
He stared at her for a long time, wondering what was going on.
On the way home Alex walked a little bit away from Alexa not wanting to get into trouble.
"Why is he doing that to his own sister?!" Noah kept thinking about it for a while.
In the train Alex sat by her again.
"Thanks... I don't want to get you in trouble..."
"I don't mind being in trouble for you sis, don't worry about me."
She looked away. When they came home dinner was ready, it was 7 pm.
"Alexa! Where are your glasses, and why is your face covered with plasters?!"
Alexa ignored her and went to her room. Their mom looked at Alex.
"Jessica's back at school?"
Alex nods. His mom grabbed the phone and tried contacting the school, but it was too late.
"Ugh, I'll call the principle tomorrow."
She ran upstairs and knocked on Alexa's door. No answer. Her mom came in and gave Alexa a tight hug.
"I don't want to go to school tomorrow..."
"You don't have to... just stay home."
Alexa nodded, hugging her mom while crying.
"Thanks mom..."
The next day Alex came to school all alone.
"Hey Alex, where's your sister? Is she too scared of coming to school?"
Alex ignored her.
"Oh, by the way, how's your dad? I heard yesterday was his first death anniversary."
Alex got mad, ran to her and grabbed her t-shirt. A teacher came and ran over to those two and he put both away from each other.
"Alright, what happened for you to be so aggressive Alex? That's not like you."
"Ok, first of all she's bullying my sister, I'm trying to hold myself in for that, then she asked how our dad is, knowing that he's dead, explain to me how could I not be aggressive?"
The teacher looked at Jessica.
"Jessica, go to the principle, now!"
As Jessica walked to the principle's office everyone looked at her. When she arrived she knocked on the door.
"Come in" The principal answered.


I love how it ends.<3 So mysterious. c: Nice writing, once again. Keep at it. ;) <3


I love how it ends.<3 So mysterious. c: Nice writing, once again. Keep at it. ;) <3
thanks c: i try <3