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Bug (i think) with veno's skills

Offline Namarie

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ok...here is the thing...
when the new fox form show up and i learnd it, my Fox Wallop was in lvl 8 and (demon) Fox Form say Imbued and dont let me get more lvl on fox wallop. Now i wanna learn Soul Shatter but say "Prerequisite skill lvl low", if i try to get more lvl on fox wallop say the same, and fox form, who was demon version, now show up like lvl 1  :-[
ok...got a screenshot but idk how to add here xDDD

if u wanna talk to me in game, and Namarie is not online, plz try with Rayen, who's my main  8)
Kisses  :-*

Offline Meese

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Soul Shatter is a Level 2 Morai Skill. You need to learn the Soul Link skill first in order to learn that one, which you can get from the normal supply stash in Luminance. As for the transform skill, there will always be a fox form skill on your skill learning list after you get the new version of the form, I don't know why it does that, but everyone gets that small glitch. I can't say much about the Fox Wallop, I don't know what could be wrong if you have the coin/spirit/book for the skill.

Offline elllieee

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Already got to her ingame,everythings fine but she cant learn Fox Wallop lvl 8-10 will get it checked

Edit: its fixed.
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