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No hating.

As ya'll know i am a artist i've been doing this shit since i could walk {real talk}. I never had any lessons i am working my way up, chasing my dreams, and hopefully being on top so i can take care of my mom and bro's. This vid is kinda a recent one, i am just sharing and showing ya'll what my love is.. I live for music and i won't stop doing what i am doing untill i pass out. This is just a lil freestyle chilling at a dance event.. Not a choreo.
This vid is of me dancing sooon i will post my other love, it's a suprise wait for it :)
So for all ya haters, sorry to say, but it is the real me..

PS:Like i said it was just joking around, we were waiting on the dance competition, i was just like moving, feeling the music not really going all out



Why make 2 threads abt this? xD

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Please ban this person.

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You're other topic was locked farid,try not to make more of them please.