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so i just installed the game on mac and all my items and skills are qw marks

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I am not so good at answers,but i guess,i just guess is a patch issue,i mean try repatch to the actual patch,or try get another direct x? happend to me to not see any character.

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Try with Verifying your client first. Since its MAC that can cause some troubles.
But yeah start with veryfing if it doesnt work - then fixit file.

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i mean u need a "bootcamp"  :)


i think this site will help you thou... enjoy playing...
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i mean u need a "bootcamp"  :)

it's impossible to open game on a mac without a bootcamp, so he probably already have that.

EDIT: nvm, i see its crossover games.
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how do i use fixit?

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The Fixit.bat file which is in your launcher folder.