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supply tokens nation wars

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how many supply tokens you win from nation wars

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it totally depends on your personal credit at the end of the NW and the Total amount of Tokens shared by the Nation that you are into..

so on an average it varies from 100-650 or so depending on rest of the factors

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how many supply tokens you win from nation wars

Depends on ur Nation and ur personal credits....example if u are in the winner (1st) nation and got 10k+ credits u maybe get 300 Supply Tokens...

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Depends on your own personal score and your nation's success, which is determined by a number of factors such as:
- Territories won
- Personal kills
- Flag grabs
I believe that damage dealt and taken may also be calculated into it. Not 100% sure on that though.

Best way to succeed in Nation Wars to work within teams and a nation to ensure you win individual territories and the nation war overall. As the nation that wins over all will receive a higher amount of ST to be distributed. Too many people focus solely on PK.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, not an expert on NW as of yet .-.
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ok so getting 200+ tokens being in the losing nation is about average for getting tokens then nice.

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2 year necro...wow.

But not necessarily.  I've been in losing nations and got less than 200.  It's dependent on your contribution which is calculated in those parameters mentioned above (and some that weren't, but we don't know what it is).

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bruh...thats world record necro