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Patcher Crash - Need help

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So when i start up the patcher it tells me an update has been found and it brings up the update server menu, when I click confirm the patcher instantly crashes with no error message. Yes my patcher/launcher/elementclient is allowed on my antivirus. Please don't respond unless you actually know a fix.

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Love the please don't respond unless you know a fix thing better not type bump either later If you don't get any other responses besides mine.

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What is your current client version? It should say in the top right hand corner of the patcher window. If it doesn't, go to:
Your EPW Folder>Config>Element>Version(open in notepad)
The version number will be here. If current, it should Version 69 (lul)

If it is outdated, my suggestions are:
1) Restart your computer
2) Run fixit.bat in EPW/launcher
3) Click Verify on your patcher

Then try running the patcher again.

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