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spiritblackhole , soul concealment nerfed ?

Offline Aujami

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well I've noticed spiritblackhole and soul concealment animation different than what they acually looks on 140 and 145 weapons. so I've run some testing with both and the result was almost the same with soul shatter and spirit blackhole on 140 bows. infact 150 bow purged more often than any of these ???

anyone else noticed that? and if a GM can confirm this would be nice.

Offline Pain

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I found it to be the exact opposite, been using a 0.3 spirit blackhole 145 bow the past few days and I purge once every 5 second, with my dragon bow I'm lucky to purge more than 2 times a minute (Maybe that's just my luck being crap).

Offline Agatio

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It's same skill with same ID, animation and chance to proc (was always 5%). It's all about luck