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Help plz D:


I just installed epw and got it running but it looks to big for my screen. as if it's zoomed. i can't see my Character at the top or the mini map. And my start up bar is always at the bottom. It wasnt like this on pwi and i was wondering if i could fix it. Help will be greatly appreciated <3

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Try working around with the resolution. Go to system settings>res. I use window mode which lets me manually adjust my screen. Any of the bars you can move as well as the mini-map. I don't really understand what you mean by being unable to see your character (start up menu? or ingame?). If you cannot see your character at all and other people as well, you will have to update your DirectX to the latest version.


Change your resolution in windowed mode. Should fix it.


This is in the wrong section, but they answered your question.
You can also check =>Launcher and when the game start go to Graphics....idk..