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Hey guys , I was wondering if the new Perfect world features, new battle pets and new pet evolution system will be added to game.
I'm talking about the Harpy and the Monkey King.
Also they have a new pet evolution system which is pretty cool, and adds new pet skills and new pet shapes .(like you see the herc above)

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I believe someone already did a post about this :o

it'd be totally cool if agatio could add it, but I hope it doesn't make venos op xD
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I don't know anything about the new pet system could someone explain it a bit to me?

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Well PWI recently added a new instance for venomancers (lvl 100 ) where they can battle (farm) ferral soul stars .
Using ferral soul they can "upgrade" some of the pets(like herc and nix) and gain adittional skills and stats !(like more HP ,more def,etc)
And sorry if someone already posted about this,didn't know :o

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Totally unnecessary, venos are already one of the best classes on here.

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I agree on maybe adding the skins alone if that's possible, but not the stats boost and such.

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Totally unnecessary, venos are already one of the best classes on here.


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I'd be for the new pet evolution system and the stat boosts as long as the boosts don't make the pets OP'd.
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