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Scam in EPW

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OK i get scam this guy cancel 1st trade and next put shit with the same icon.
Yea i know is my bad and if im smart i check iten in 2 time too :P
I talck with GM in game and il ban this guy il do the same 5min before to another guy.
But now GM say cant do nothing about iten/ec i lost. on one hand I understand GM point. But on other hand i think (ok why i dont do the same go to coffee create new acc and sart scam ppl and send or drop ec for my alt)
Because in the end this guy (retyguijop) win 2k ec and mi and 1 more guy at least lost >:(
So What i do next start play like a idiot or continuous play like i nice person?

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Pretty much I think what they're trying to say is that they got scammed, a GM they talked to said they would do something about the scammer but not the 2k ec they lost, and now they're QQing and asking if they should turn into a scammer too to get back the ec they lost or just keep playing like a normal nice member of EPW.

Honestly if you're even considering scamming others because you were scammed for your own stupidity of not checking the item you got before you hit okay, then that makes you no better than the one that scammed you and eventually a ban is probably in sight. So just earn back your 2k ec, It's not that hard with enough farming effort, and continue playing like a good epw member.

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It wa a Dragon Child wasn't it? This person tried to scam me to but at least I check everything before I pressed confirm trade. That's stuff you need to watch out for.


This is why I ALWAYS ALWAYS double check before clicking accept. Always.  :rolleyes:

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This is why I ALWAYS ALWAYS double check before clicking accept. Always.  :rolleyes:
Always this^

and the only way you would get anything back is if your had SS proof. :-\ [size=78%] [/size][/color]


10/10 would read again


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Imo, the scammer should be punished but the ec shouldn't be compensated.
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