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Ascended DRagon Helm

32 (91.4%)
3 (8.6%)

Total Members Voted: 29

How About an Ascended Dragon Helm?

Offline Fatigue

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There are enough players that tank half server. You think that adding even more defence will really help?:)
You say that Helm + ascended dragon helm = xtra 5 atk lv/def => Supreme robe ascended will be useless with it's 5 atk lvl,if the dragon one will give 5 def and atk lvl + the cape in it's way 5 def level,way better then ascended.
Is just a way to give to people more damage/more defence. I am honestly sick of WBs vit full defence level (Adorkable/BigBaetFagrid) that can tank 1 squad. You think that will balance? No.

You do realise barbs like that are supposed to tank entire squads. That's literally the entire point of Cata barbs. I can't tell if trolling or extremely autistic.

Offline Meese

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You wouldn't get both bonuses.. either atk or def; as for survival, the majority of classes get dropped fast due to the high damage output available. I don't see how 5 def levels would be game breaking, they would be balance by the fact that some would get that extra 5 atk levels. And what Madoka said, Cata Barbs are meant to be hard to kill, but they sacrifice their damage because of that.
oh I could add poll..Poll now added
150 R 8 Seeker                                                          150 R 8 Veno                                                              150 Dragon Cleric                                                           150 Dragon Barb                                                        150 Dragon Sin
who wants balanced? lol thats dumb let one class become more op is the best way to make everyone happy


Im talking about people without r8,it means without r8 ring too -.- so you make r8 people even more OP and making dragon people lose their set bonus in case they want that new helm too?
not everyone that is r8 is op.
i used to hit waay harder with a dragon poleaxe, compared to my r8 weap.
some people are worse with r8 actually. dont make these assumptions yo  ???