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GoodBye guys


Ok well, As the title says, Goodbye all.

I am quitting the game for good, not for a particular reason, but for many small ones put together,

It's been awesome playin with u all, got some rlly cool ppl on this server, was nice meeting EVERYONE no matter what happened between us lol I have given away all my items to the 3 closest people to my heart at the moment, and have nothing left, so if it is your aim to come to this post in hopes of items, i would suggest u leave now. (no one continues to read.....)

Would like to say a special thanks to Jordan(Yahtzy/SlickZ) You are a fkn legend man and i luv u lon' time. Always there for me, and i'll never forget it, feel free to text me w/e u want lol. I'll miss ya,
Brian ( hell/kami) You are a great guy, so kind and relaxed. I wish ya the best in your future bro and hope u get everything u want in life. Stay cool, C ya around ^^
George (haku/pizza) I've only known u a short time, but u will always remain a close friend, i wish you the best with your site, and will evne check in from time to time ;) And i really, really, wish you the best in meeting someone who will show u how great u r :D don't doubt your self ever.

Worms : To all of you who liked me, best of luck with stoofs, :) To those of you who didn't, especially the 2 faced ones, well i wish you the best of luck too,

Gms : Stand up more for what you believe in, i have talked to MANY of you and you all think alike, you just don't express it where it needs to be expressed. Best of luck <3

Luv ya Khaleesi and Alexy, u 2 were awesome ^^

So yeah that's it i guess...if you read this far thankyou so much and have fun gaming ^^

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No. I still dont agree to this
Mvlti svnt vocati, pavci vero electi

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Gl in the real world, You cant nuke people you dont like there sadly.  :'(

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bye tal. good luck. :D
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Alex gib iten pliz!

No man jk ;) Take care, tty on skype!  ^-^


Lol ok.

See you tomorrow.

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Bye tally, have fun and good luck. <3 :'(

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ofc after the 11-4 u gonna quit epic  :tiger-26:
anyway lol bye o:


  • WTF u try ?
ofc after the 11-4 u gonna quit epic  :tiger-26:
anyway lol bye o:

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ofc after the 11-4 u gonna quit epic  :tiger-26:
anyway lol bye o:

this ja so mean...

gl with ur life mate :) all good for you  :-\


  • WTF u try ?
this ja so mean...

gl with ur life mate :) all good for you  :-\

he france ofc he troll y3y3y3