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I can log in to EPW (like into my account and see my chars), but when I try to enter EPW (actually logging in to play), it just freezes on "Entering Perfect World.." then the client stops responding and my whole laptop just lags dafuq out.  I have to restart every time I try, or I have to wait a while for EPW to close.  Is there a solution?

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maybe lower your graphics settings before starting the game

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Were you able to play normally before? Try Epica-1 or Epica-3. If it doesn't work reset your router and PC.


Probably useless to ask, but are your drivers are up to date and you have the latest direct x installed?

Also see if windows installed new updates, Microsoft f'd up the past few updates.  ;)

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 I was able to play a few weeks ago just fine, but Idk what's going on? :/ I can play multiple clients without lag on PWI so I don't think it's because my laptop is slow?