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Mystic sage or demon for full PvP?

7 (58.3%)
5 (41.7%)

Total Members Voted: 9


Offline blackfire

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Ok, atfer i have looked in the previously pool, which better in pvp Veno or Myst, the winner for me was the Mystic. Now which culti is the best for PvP Mystic sage or demon? Thank you.
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Offline GummyBear

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i think sage and demon mystic is both very good...just look at http://pwi.ecatomb.net/skill.php and compare the skills  ;)

Offline Fatigue

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Go DEMON and DEX build like your EP, You get 100% crit, crit all for 500k like super MAGO Solomon and Attaso and crit heals. Also don't forget to get +150 str genie, you need 100% proc Occult Ice like your EP and Spam wood pots like Gex level MAGO.
Example :

Offline AmyDerp

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This new MYSTIC BUILD IS WDF!!!!!!11111111111111 Haxor mode i go make mystic use ALL wood pill from wr no NEED I get 500k mag ATTACK!Ty for ADVICE you best ty!!!!!!111111

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