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Makeover Scroll Cooldown


Can you reduce the Makeover Scroll cooldown to 1 minute? :normal-46: I've seen in other servers they reduced the cooldown.

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YESSSSSSSS +999999999999999

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the whole cooldown thing is exceedingly annoying lol


+1 (now shut up swane)


Yes please make it happen :normal-13:

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+1 1hr CD is too long.....

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I agree, I never understood why the cooldown was an hour anyways.  How is someone supposed to abuse making their char over?

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YES please, an hour is just toooo long LOL :))
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I HAD TO WEAR A PUMPKIN ON MY HEAD 1 HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

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I hate hiding cuz I screwed up an .ini  :-[

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I hate hiding cuz I screwed up an .ini  :-[

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Yeah decreased CD would be great. I don't know about 1 minute, but maybe 5-10 minutes would be MUCH better than an hour. :)