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Major Crash

Offline g9871234

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Ok so i recently got a new computer and got rid of the old one.. now on this computer i instaled epw and it worked just fine for like 2 days, and i need to say with an advanced perfect graphic :/ better than before... but... since yesterday until today, i can only be online for like 2 minutes, after the game just closes on me... and i know its about to close each time some items around turn either white or they completely disapear... i.e. my wings which become like paper wings...
Whats the problem?

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Offline Agatio

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1. are you using win7 (you should)
2. install newest graphic drivers / directX
3. re-download the game

Offline Derek

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I redownloaded the game like 5 times and I still have this problem, could anyone help me?

Offline Anjani

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I got client crash too, every I come closer to certain psychic.
any idea? This is the name of some psychic tht made me to stay away from them (Spadey, Tempyst, Rein, etc)
I hope i don't get client crash at the tournament tommorow.  :P