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Mystic pet summon

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At this point in time mystic pets are pretty hard to summon during a fight, since they are summoned without any mana, making them less useful to say the least (if useful at all). Cracklord even worse due to it's short time of existence.

In PWI this was changed so that the summons got out with 50% hp ánd 50% mp. Making them useful as soon as they have been summoned and thus making mystics more tricky/versatile in pvp.

So....I was wondering if there are any plans to change this to the way it is in pwi now (if possible)


I think Mystic's should really get better pets, but also, it shouldn't take our HP to summon them... Or make Cragglord like 1-2 mins at least, these 20 secs aren't really enough.

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Morai expansion summons pets with 1/2 mp and doesnt cost hp

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Mystic pets are fine the way they are, they really do not need better summons. The only reason one might want them to change is if you don't know how to utilize each for their special skills. I imagine that we'll eventually get the half mp fix on here, for now just make due with what's given.

They've never taken hp to summon, only mp, and it's really not that much except for Cragglord. Cragg is extremely OP, even more so than a veno's Herc. They have 10k HP, and can handle a lot. Speaking as a 100 Sage Mystic on PW, 20 seconds is plenty of time to take down things. Sage Cragg's time extends to 23 seconds, we really don't need him to come out for a whole minute or two. The only problem is if you don't know how to utilize these pets for what they are. Mystic's aren't meant to tank, we're meant to DD and backup the other players.

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Nahh bro its rly not as good as it should be. Crag could be killed with 4 sins hit. And other pets with 1-2hits i dont have anything about theyr skills they good but sad to know pets are rly deffensless. :(

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i think u guys are seeing Mystic's are solo PK'ers but i think they r not :/ they are more like a support type of PK'er, to aid others in PvP. thats my opinion :/

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Mystic were designed as support characters with DD abilities.  They're primary purpose is supporting other players while still being able to defend themselves. Although they can be pretty strong as a solo class, they're no venomancer. At least that's what I think.

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I think this is kinda getting off topic. Started off about mystic pets having half mp and hp when they are summoned. I have a 100 sage mystic on pwi and I am so grateful for the new half mp when summoned. Helps out so much because you can summon them and instantly use them. It can take awhile to fill up their mp with the skill. I would love to see the mp at summon added.